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Etisalat 1GB For N200 Night Data Plan

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Etisalat has joined the rest of other networks to unleash their own cheap night data plan of 1GB for N200.

Though considering the price and the amount of data that other networks offer for their night data plans, we initially don’t want to call this particular Etisalat night plan cheap, but maybe to Etisalat 1GB for N200 is cheap and hence we also joined them to call it cheap.

Etisalat has been known to be the network provider with the costliest data subscription plans, and they have gone ahead to show that again in this their latest night data plan offer.

While other networks are offering even more data for lesser amount night data bundle plans, Etisalat says that theirs is 1GB for N200.

And the funniest is that while subscribers on other networks have been enjoying cheap night data plans long before now, Etisalat is just waking up from slumber with theirs.

Remember MTN has /2016/06/my-mtn-night-data-plan-of-n25-for-500mb.html" target="_blank">N25 for 500MB night data plan, Airtel recently launched /2016/07/how-to-subscribe-to-airtel-15gb-for-n50.html" target="_blank">N50 for 1.5GB night data plan.

Although that of Glo night data plan is also 1GB for N200, but we can pardon Glo on that for offering the most affordable 24/7 data plans.

Must Read: /2016/07/etisalat-could-eventually-turn-out-most.html" target="_blank">Etisalat could eventually turn out to become the worst browsing network, see why

Well, if you are interested in the Etisalat new data plan on the bases that you see it as the fastest browsing network in your current location, you can subscribe to the Etisalat 1GB for N200 night data plan by recharging with N200 and by  dialling the subscription code *229*3*11#

It is a one day data plan valid from from 12midnight to 5AM same day.

On your own do you think that Etisalat did real justice by disguising to be in competition with this their newly launched night data plan? And why is it that Etislat always come last in these types of offers?

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