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You Too Can Now Get Verified On Twitter Easily!

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And this article : You Too Can Now Get Verified On Twitter Easily!
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To get verified on Twitter simply means to get Twitter symbol of authority barge that consist of a small circular blue icon with a white tick on it being attached to your Twitter account.

Verified account defer from non-verified account in that there is a special column created for verified account Twitter holders that shows only retweets, @ messages and favourites from other verified accounts.

Almost everybody that is familiar with the popular micro-blogging platform Twitter know that getting verified on Twitter is not something that comes easy, and in fact it is mainly reserved for only high profile personalities like the President, famous artiste, famous sports men and women etc.

Ordinarily a regular Twitter user will not just get verified for reason only known to the Twitter team, even if you have millions of followers, the micro-blogging platform will not just verify your Twitter account.

But today, things are changing and Twitter is also changing with the tide, if not for anything at least to keep the platform more relevant and useful to previous and present day users.

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Twitter has now opened account verification portal for Twitter users that want to get verified to submit account verification request, unlike before when it is a sole discretion of the Twitter team to pick out and verify an account.

What that entails now is that you too as a regular Twitter user can also submit a verification request and stand the chance of getting verified.

Although just submitting a Twitter verification request does not in any way guarantees that your account will be verified but only gives you chance as all submitted request will still be vetted by Twitter team before final decision is taken.

To submit a Twitter verification request, all you need to do is to head to Twitter Verification Portal and fill out the online form.

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Provide all the requested personal details and make sure you come out clean and use all your real profile identities to stand a better chance of getting verified after the vetting process.

On the course of filling out the form, you might be required to upload some documents, so just do accordingly and when you are done with everything, submit your verification request and that is all.

Despite the reported stunted growth on the number of users on Twitter, Twitter remains one of the most popular social media platforms out there with high esteem.

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