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Protecting My Son on His Missionary Trip

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And this article : Protecting My Son on His Missionary Trip
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My son has always been a motivated young man. So when he decided to go on a missionary trip with our church, we knew he was the perfect person to go abroad and help build houses in Haiti and spread the word of the Gospel.

But that didn’t stop my wife and I from worrying about his personal safety. Luckily, we discovered cell phone monitoring software. And I’m so glad we did. Spying on a cell phone without installing software has kept our son safe and when we went on his missionary trip, it allowed us to have a peace of mind that nothing else can provide.

Here’s why cell phone monitoring software helped give us the peace of mind we needed and why every parent needs to give it their consideration.

Installing Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Our son has never been one to sniff out trouble. And while we knew he’d be around his church leaders and friends, we knew we couldn’t be too careful. Our son is only fifteen years old and while he’s smart for his age and resourceful, this was the first time he had ever traveled outside of the United States. So along with making sure he had his passport and trip itinerary together, we also made sure that he knew some basic safety tips about traveling. For example, he needed to know what to do in case he ever got lost and how to ask for help if needed.

But we also made sure he had an i spy cell phone tracker software on his phone. Just to be clear, we had installed cell phone monitoring software on his phone long before he ever thought of going on his missionary trip. But we knew that cell phone monitoring software would definitely come in handy as he traveled.

We don’t want to baby our son but at the same time, he’s not an adult yet and we had to make sure our son was safe. Installing a cell phone sms spy software, even though my wife and I aren’t especially good with technology, was a pretty easy process when we first bought it for our son last year. And we knew using cell phone monitoring software was our key to keeping our son safe without breathing down his neck.

The features we used when he was traveling? GPS location. It was important for us to know that he was physically safe. And while we didn’t use cell phone monitoring software to constantly check on his physical location every second of the day, we did use it to make sure he got into Haiti safe and sound and checked in every once in a while to make sure he was safe.

Now we never had any reason to worry about him getting up to anything, especially when we could see his texts and social media activity. Of course, he hardly used his phone while he was down in Haiti but we’re still glad we have cell phone monitoring software to make sure our son is safe no matter what.

Our son happened to have a wonderful time in Haiti, helping build houses. He made new friends, broadened his horizons, and got to do some good for people in need. And we’re glad that our son got to have that experience. But we’re even gladder that we were able to see firsthand that our son was safe and having a good time thanks to the power of cell phone monitoring software. I don’t know what we would do without it. Concerned about letting your children travel? Consider giving it a download. If you’re like us, you’ll thank yourself for even considering it. 

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