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Know Your Kid Better With Auto Forward Spy Features

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This is about : Know Your Kid Better With Auto Forward Spy Features
And this article : Know Your Kid Better With Auto Forward Spy Features
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Think you know your child? The fact is that what they do, who they talk to and all the internet pages they visit are a top secret that they will never reveal to anybody. In fact, you might come to realize that some kids even know more than their parents, especially on technology. This knowledge, however, can be harmful and turn against the kid as well as the parent. Imagine a teenage girl lured to take nude images and post them online thinking it is fun? She not only loses her dignity but can result in depression. This article is an account on how Auto Forward Spy helps you understand the kid by digging into their history.   

(1)   Access online pages a kid visited over time
Using the spy control panel, the parent can get full access to all the content that a child accessed. The spying devices for cell phones dig into the phone history, browser cookies, and memory to look for pages that he/she visited. This will reveal whether the kid visited pages related to drugs, crime, pornography, or other harmful activities. If the kid visited the pages, you could be able to pull them out and go through the content to understand the driving force. Many are the times when kids are driven by curiosity or lured by bad peers.  

(2)   Get all calls they made and received
No parent would want to imagine that their teen girls are regularly calling harmful criminals pretending to be the best friends. When kids get smartphones and set out looking for friends, they lack the capacity to vet them well to avoid those who are harmful. As a parent, you have full access to the call logs and check the owners vividly. In case you note that a specific number/s belong to bad people, you can block or delete them completely from the phone. Unfortunately though, there's no way for us to provide cell phone listening devices spy phones like some of our competitors claim to (they probably can't actually do it either).

(3)   Full access to all messages in the cell phone
What messages a kid has been sending to peers and other friends can tell you a lot about him/her. First, you can read the content to know its nature. In the real-world, many people prefer using short texts to communicate about their emotions and even plans. Second, you can see the recipients demystify who they are and establish what they mean for your child.

Auto Forward Spy has advanced capabilities that allow the user to scout for harmful content in the child’s messages. You can set various keywords related to sex, drugs, pornography, or other aspects and look for messages, web pages, and snap chats that have related info. Remember that the software also gives access to messages that have been deleted from the mobile phone. 

(4)   Details of images and video
An image can tell you a lot about a child. In fact, they often march people’s minds when applied carefully. Auto Forward Spy allows you to dig deep into the child’s cell phone to see all the videos and photos that are stored there. If the images are educational, on wildlife, or other inspirational things in a kid’s life, you can be sure she is on the right path. However, if they are dirty and related to pornography, drugs, or other dangerous aspects, you need to take action immediately. You can delete them and follow with the kid for guidance and support.

Understanding a kid involves following what they do and taking a lot of time with them. Unfortunately, this is not easy because of the busy schedules that parents have to follow every day and some of these scam spy programs will try and sell you products that are impossible to use like cell phone spy free download. To get everything about your kid getting top rated spy software such as Auto Forward Spy will bring him closer and give you more control over what she does.

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