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How to Transfer Photos from Note 7 to Computer/Mac

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This is about : How to Transfer Photos from Note 7 to Computer/Mac
And this article : How to Transfer Photos from Note 7 to Computer/Mac

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"How to transfer photos/pictures from my Samsung Note 7 to computer, PC or Mac? There are truly lots of photos on my Note 7, which occupies much space of my phone and makes the phone work slowly. For that reason, I want to tranfer all photos to my computer and clean up the space. I prefer backup data on computer that iCloud, because I can see these photos casually on the computer. To reduce waiting time and ensure photos transferred completely, I know I need to apply a professional tool to this process. Please recommend some useful tools to me, thanks."

Well, to make your transfer more easily and safely, I sincerely recommend you use MobileTrans. You can find lots of data transfer tools, but I believe MobileTrans is the best choice.
Mobile Backup Transfer can transfer the data you need, such as photos, messages, contacts and so on from phone to phone, phone to computer and computer to phone easily and flexibly. It can handle different operations to meet phone users' different needs. And it supports iOS and Android operating system, and fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.11.


Method 1: Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 7 to PC/Mac with Mobile Transfer.

Steps to transfer photos from Note 7 to computer/Mac.

Step 1. Connect your Device to the Computer
Run the program on your computer and choose "Back Up Your Phone" in the primary window.
Then, get your device connected to the computer. The program will recognize and detect your connected device as soon as possiblle, and then you you can see the little images of your device and computer.

Step 2. Choose the File and Start to Backup
Select the files you want to backup from the content list on the window. Select "Photos" and click "Start Transfer" button to begin transferring photos on Note 7 to computer.
The backing up data processIt will cost you a few minutes. Just wait until you can see all the found private data in the scan result.
Please do not didconnect your device throughout the process.

Step 3. Check your backup file
When the backup process is complete, the photos are transferred to computer successfully. You can access and check it from the backup result, or you can go to the settings to find the backup file. Of cause, you also can change the path of your backup file there.

Method 2: Transfer Photos from Samsung NOte 7 to PC/Mac with Android Data Manager.

Step 1: Download, install and run the Android Data Manager on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Start transfer pictures from samsung Note 7 to computer/mac

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