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If you own a company or run a business and gave your employees smartphones in order to help them do their jobs better, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

Smartphones—along with the Internet—are a wonderful invention. They allow people to communicate, play, and work anytime, anywhere—a good thing when done responsibly, but bad when not controlled. If you’ve given a smartphone to your employees with the expectation that they are going to use it solely for work, then you are sorely mistaken.

Employees are people. People get bored, distracted, lazy, emotional—all of which can lead to the misuse of something as powerful and easy to use as a smartphone.  Apps, video games, movies, social media, porn—all of these are temptations that exist on digital devices. What’s worse is that you’ve given those very devices to your employees. You’ve practically said, “Here you go, So-And-So. Here are a thousand other things you can be doing with your time other than working for me.”

So how spy on cell phone? We highly recommend that you install a good cell phone monitoring app on every device that you entrust to your employees. A high-quality mobile spy app will allow you to spy on cell phone text messages free. It can also let you monitor social media activity to make certain an employee isn’t luring young children, starting WiFights, or bad-mouthing your company on Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook for instance.

What else can you do with a mobile spy app? You can track your employees via GPS to make certain that they are where they are supposed to be—which is helpful if you’ve got a delivery driver who disappears or a traveling sales person who doesn’t seem to be closing any deals lately.

Remember, it’s your company, they are your employees and that device is your phone. Your workers need to respect not only you, but the technology that you entrust to them. If one of your workers misuses or abuses the equipment you give them, then they could hurt not only you and your bottom line, but your reputation as well.

You owe it to yourself and your business to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure the safety of everyone and everything. Installing a good cell phone spy app for iPhone is just another step in doing just that. Most good ones are inexpensive, easy to install and very simple to use. They’re also very discrete—something you’ll need if you choose not to disclose the truth to your workers about monitoring their devices. And yes, the best ones will work on both Android devices as well as iPhones.

Don’t waste another minute. Check out the multitude of spy apps on the market today and pick the right one for you and your business’s needs.

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