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Back Home! Plus "Only in Israel"

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Yesterday, after a relatively pleasant flight home from NY to Israel on El Al, my son-in-law picked me and my bags up from the airport. Since he still had to work, and the Ben-Gurion International Airport aka "Natbag" isn't all that far from Shiloh, he dropped me off at a bus stop in Petach Tikvah that has buses to Ariel (sorry doesn't show in photo.) I ended up taking an 86 to the Ariel University stop, got a ride to the Shiloh Junction, another to the Shvut-Shiloh Junction and finally one to the pool, which is near my house. My bags arrived later, after I'd been to the pool and my son-in-law had given the kids dinner.

The upper line, not shown in photo, lists a lot of buses to Ariel

The Ariel buses are known to be very popular with Arabs, and the one I caught had many more Arabs than Jews on it. At some point, an Arab woman, with a pretty pink scarf got on. There weren't any empty seats, so she stood by the door. I had stood nearby for part of the trip until a nice young woman insisted on giving me her seat right behind the driver. I noticed that the woman had a matching pink Rami Levy bag full of matzah.

I just had to take the picture, and I knew that it was a "one shot deal." The woman next tome me though I was crazy.
"Aren't you scared?" she asked me.
"No," I answered as I put away my phone. "Did you see the matzot in her bag? I just had to photograph them."
Yes, I am really back home, thank Gd!!

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