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Auto Forward for a Shifty Son

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Your son’s been acting a little weird lately. Nervous. Agitated. Shifty. Could be hormones. Girl problems. General teen angst. But it could be something else. Something worse. Could he be hiding something from you?

Many parents have no idea what’s going on with their teenagers today. If he’s moody or shuts them out, they chalk it all up to puberty. Being a teen. But in this day and age, when there’s so much being thrown at our kids thanks to the immediacy and constancy of the Internet, parents really need to be more attentive to what’s going on in their loved ones’ lives.

So, is your son in trouble? Is someone bullying him on Facebook or Snapchat? Does he have something to hide? Did he get a girl pregnant and now she’s texting him about it incessantly? If your son won’t talk to you and he’s doing any of the things below, then it’s time to install a cell phone spy app on his device—because the smartphone tells all.

Does he:

  • Always sneak away—like up to his room or outside—when he wants to use the phone?
  • Hide his phone’s view screen from when you try to peep at what he’s doing?
  • Delete everything right away so when you do manage to see something?
  • Keep his phone locked and the password a secret?
  • Slide it into his pockets and keep it out of reach at all times?

Auto Forward allows you to remotely check every text, SMS message, call, picture and video—plus more—with the spy cell phone free download. With a one-time subscription, it even gives you access to everything that’s been deleted! You can check the browser history, activate the camera and microphone and track the phone on a map via the GPS locater.

Are you worried that your son might be doing drugs or drinking alcohol? The cell phone spy software without installation allows you to check his texts, SMS messages and emails to see if he’s contacting dealers. Or take a look at his social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat—to see if he’s posting pics of himself getting wasted or stoned at parties. Take a picture of his surroundings remotely with his camera and see who he’s with—and listen in on the environment by activating his cell’s microphone. Also, find out where he went by tracking him with the app’s GPS locater.
Your son has only one life and you’ve vowed to make sure he keeps it. It may feel wrong getting spy programs for cell phones to monitor his activities, but if he’s going down a dark path, it’s up to you to find him in that darkness and lead him back to the light.

Sometimes spying is a necessary evil—so don’t waste another minute not knowing what your son is doing. Don’t just sit there hoping for the best or ignoring the signs that he’s in trouble. Install Auto Forward today so that you can make sure he is safe … or so that you can take the necessary steps to make it so.

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