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Tips to Build First Android Mobile Application

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Tips to Build First Android Mobile Application
You are all set to get started with your first Android application. The best thing about Android is the power of Open source and flexibility. You don’t need to invest in buying different Android devices. A virtual machine is all that you need to run your apps. Whether you are looking to develop social networking app, business app or gaming app, your first mobile app will act as a learning curve.
Here are few pointers to guide you through the process of developing your first Android app.

App Idea – Check an Existing App

Well, we all want to change the world with our app. Most of us aspire to be the next Facebook and Uber. But the fact remains, your first app might not create a revolution and you might not be able to get a million download in first week. Think of your first app as way of learning and giving your career a major boost. You need to learn the intricacies about Android app development. If you have an app idea, great! Go ahead with the development process. However, if you are not sure about your app idea visit Google PlayStore and check out apps from your preferred category. It is important to understand the core features and voila you could come up with your own app idea.    

Embrace Simplicity

Now that you have got your app idea, it is about time to decide on the core features and number of screens needed to ensure a good user experience. However, don’t get carried away with features. Remember, it is your first app and it is very likely that you will not be able to accomplish complex features. More screens will cause confusion. Embrace simplicity and limit app screens to just 4-5 screens. Get down to basics. Don’t shy away from sketching a wireframe.   

Prototyping and wireframing can help you get a clear picture about your app idea. You don’t need to pick complex prototyping tools, rather just get started with a pencil and paper. Nothing fancy, just the good old way to get the ball rolling.

Understand Design Concepts

Legendary Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” This is very true for your Android app. Make sure you understand the platform, navigation patterns and visual language. You will find differences that create an impact on usability. Remember, you need to collaborate with designer and help them understand the uniqueness of each platform. We are not just talking about back button or action bar, rather we are talking about the native way to display information and implement navigation.  
Love your Target Platforms

Always keep your personal preferences aside during the design and development process of your app. Learn the platform and try to build the best app for that platform. You may have personal preferences and opinions about design and functionality, but it is important to rise above your liking. Think about your users and the strengths of platform. It is crucial to get the context right in order to build the best app for the platform you’re targeting.

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