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Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.1 Full Setup Download

Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.1 Full Setup Download - welcome to the blog Gadget Warrior, on this occasion we will discuss the information titled Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.1 Full Setup Download as you are looking for, we have collect a lot of data to make this article so that you are satisfied with the information we convey, well please continue reading:

This is about : Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.1 Full Setup Download
And this article : Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.1 Full Setup Download

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2014 z3x box samsung New Update Released. 18.1 New revolution like usually coming from z3x-team.

Samsung Tool V18.1

Update include 3 parts:


Part 1 - New phones added - First in the world.

- support Samsung SM-T235 (Flashing, Direct unlock, Read/Write EFS, Autobackup nv_data) - First in the world
- support Samsung SM-T235Y (Flashing, Direct unlock, Read/Write EFS, Autobackup nv_data) - First in the world
- support Samsung SM-G800F (Flashing, Direct unlock, Read/Write EFS, Autobackup nv_data) - First in the world
- support Samsung SM-G800M (Flashing, Direct unlock, Read/Write EFS, Autobackup nv_data) - First in the world
- support Samsung SM-G800Y (Flashing, Direct unlock, Read/Write EFS, Autobackup nv_data) - First in the world


Part 2 - Most wanted part of update - CERTIFICATE Read/Write.

After months of research still not founded any working solution for repair imei on
N900X and other new qualcomm phones, and we have decide did some interesting things which can be
very useful for all z3x user for repair this type of phones.

We have releasing today new functions for some type of phones called:
1 CERT reading for Exynos based phones,
2 CERT writing for Exynose & Qualcomm based phones,
3 WIPE efs for Quaclomm based phones.

Why need this function, lets explain:
For example new qualcomm phones can’t be unlocked safe without getting original MSL code from samsung database.
Exist other way - via wipe EFS, but after this phone will lose original CERT. 

Some addition information:

1st. Lets talk about thing using own name.
Service imei, super imei - we not will use this words. this is rubbish.
CERT file is unique for every phone and contain signature, this file can’t be generated/created by anyone.
This file exist in Samsung database from day of product your phone.

Addition support added for such phones:

Exynos based phones :

• support samsung SM-N750 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity)- First in the world
• support samsung SM-N7500Q (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N7505 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N7505L (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N7507 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N9000Q (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung GT-i9300 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung GT-i9500 (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung GT-i9300T (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-G900H (READ/WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world

Qualcomm based phones:

• support samsung SM-N9005 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N9006 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N9008 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N9008V (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N9009 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900P (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900R4 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900S (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900T (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) - First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900V (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity) -First in the world
• support samsung SM-N900W8 (Flashing, WIPE efs, WRITE CERT, Auto detect CERT compatiblity)-First in the world

Small FAQ:

q> Can i use i9500 CERT for N900x? 
a> No you can’t. you can use only same phone models certificate!!!! BUT 
you can use N900 CERT for N900x models!!! Autodetect CETRT compatibility exist, if CERT file compatible
you will see this line in log: Checking for compatible phone and cert... OK

q> Why unlock button for NEW QUALCOMM PHONES not active?
a> You can’t unlock phone now using normal method BUT
if you will wipe phone and write any CERF from working phone you will have fully unlocked phone with network and imei (from CERT).

q>Why IMEI REPAIR button for NEW QUALCOMM PHONES not active?
a>You can’t repair imei on NEW phones using normal method BUT
You can WIPE phone and write any CERT and your phone will fully working.

q>What will be if i will flash phone after write CERT.?
a> ALl will be ok with phone, CERT writing original method for get working phone without any patching.

q>Exist some new GT-i9500 which can’t be repaired using regular method, new solution useful for this?
a>Yes useful but only if you have needed CERT, at least you can use any i9500 CERT to get working phone.

q>I have CERT FAIL on SM-G900H any solution useful for this?
a>Yes but only if you have needed CERT, at least you can use any working good CERT from SM-G900H.

q>Why need CERT read/write for such old phones like i9300?
a>If you will write CERT, phone will not lost network after update firmware. 

q> Where i can get/buy/generate CERT for my phone with MY phone imei inside?
a> You cant generate this. You can try get from any sams insiders or buy from sams insiders.


3ND part of update one more exclusive & first in the world  :

Qualcomm factory features:

• Reading *.qcn.
• Writing *.qcn

Reading QCN function allow to read full factory QCN with all important NV items related exactly to chosen model.

Writing QCN function allow you to write any QCN format file in to your phone.

I hope no more any problem with 3G/4G network problem with: i337,i747,i9506,i9505,i9200 and many other models. If you have phone with problem 3g/4g, just read QCN from good phone and write in to phone with problem.

Addittion function added:
• samsung i9506 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i9195 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i337 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i747 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i317 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i9200 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• samsung i9205 (Read/Write *.qcn) - First in the world
• • • 
this list very long, page will be very big, so all new type qualcomm based phones added - First in the world )))

Here sample of log of repair SM-N900T with sert Failed. Cert file has been readed from SM-N900.

Selected model: SM-N900T
Selected port: 
Selected port speed: 115200
Checking certificate file... OK
Searching ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-N900T
Android version: 4.4.2
Product code: SM-N900TZKETMB
Phone version: N900TUVUDNF4
PDA version: N900TUVUDNF4
CSC version: N900TTMBDNF4
IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone S/N: xxxxxxxxx
Checking Super user right... true
Bypass MSL... OK
Checking for compatible phone and cert... OK
Writing CERT... OK
Checking CERT status... OK
Rebooting phone... OK
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.1

i9195 msl error while unlocking, n750,n7505,i9300,i9500,n900,g900h unlocking

p.S.  new update will be ready soon 
Z3X Box Samsung Tool V18.2 Full Setup /2014/10/z3x-box-samsung-tool-v182-full-setup-download.html" target="_blank">Download

You can direct download From Here Click Here

Tags: /2014/04/z3x-box-samsung-tool-v174-full-setup-download.html" target="_blank">samsung tool download /2014/04/2014-latest-update-z3x-samsung-tool-172.html" target="_blank">samsung tool free download /2013/11/latest-update-z3x-box-samsung-tool.html" target="_blank">samsung tool latest version, /" target="_blank">z3x samsung tool tutorial /2014/05/asansam-box-vrev-116-update-download.html" target="_blank">z3x samsung tool latest setup /2014/02/how-to-unlock-samsung-softbank-guide.html" target="_blank">how to use z3x samsung tool

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