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Keeping My Kids Safe Online

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The Internet is a wonderful place. But I constantly worry about what kinds of things my kids will encounter online. While I’ve been using the Internet since I was in high school, I know as soon as anyone that not everyone is friendly online. Between sexualized content, aggressive people, and all the other assorted strange things online, it can be hard to keep our kids safe.

Along with a spy program for cell phones, I’ve taken a few steps to help keep my kids safe online. Here’s how I’m keeping my kids safe.

Basic Safety Tips

One of the most important things I’ve done to help keep my kids safe is to teach them some basic online safety tips. The first thing they need to be aware of? Not everyone they meet online has good intentions. I tell my kids that they should never give out personal information online, including their address or name, no matter how nicely their new online friend asks. It might sound simple but you’d be surprised how many adults forget to do this too.

I also tell my kids to avoid posting their pictures online. When they get old enough for Facebook, posting a profile photo will be alright. But since they’re young, it’s something I try to impart is something they need to be cautious of. Everything you post online stays online forever and you never know what someone will do with your photos or anything you post.

But basic safety tips aren’t the only thing I use to keep my kids safe. Enter cell phone monitoring software.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software and Online Safety

You might be wondering "how spy on cell phone for free?" To be honest you could easily do it, however it wont be as beneficial as doing it with a one time subscription. I use cell phone monitoring software in order to help keep an eye on my kids as they use their phones and tablets. After all, hundreds of kids use phones and tablets every day and go online with them. If I’m going to make sure my kids are safe online, I need to be able to monitor their online activity.

While parental controls are enabled on their phones and tablets, parental controls only go so far. And kids are clever. They’ll find ways to get on Safari or use the Internet. So cell phone monitoring software shows me if they go online and what they’re doing while they’re online, down to the last details. My kids are all under the age of ten, so I pay special attention to the content of any sites they visit.

With monitoring software, I can even block access to certain features of the phone remotely and help prevent my kids from going online if I need to. But as my kids get older, they’ll need to use the Internet. Whether they need to do research for a school project or want to visit a kid friendly site, I need to be able to allow them to go online at some point.

The key is making sure that the sites they use are appropriate. And if they access sites that aren’t, I need to know so I can discuss the concept with my kids and help them understand what it means and what’s going on.

But the cell phone spy wear monitoring software really does come in handy in a lot of situations and personally, I’m glad I have it. As my kids get older and begin testing boundaries, having cell phone monitoring software helps me keep my kids safe and ensures that I know what’s going on at all times. Really, I honestly think it’s something all parents consider at some point. The Internet has a lot of benefits but when it comes to keeping your kids safe, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

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