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Last summer, I was date-raped at a party after finishing my junior year of high school. It was partly my own fault. I got drunk. Passed out drunk. I woke up naked and alone in some strange bed covered in my own vomit. Eventually, I found out that not only had someone, the boy probably, taken a picture of me naked and passed out, but that I was pregnant. I got an abortion right before my senior year began. It was horrible.

My summer was ruined to say the least. And if you think about it so was my innocence. Hopefully not my life. The picture was taken with my phone. I don’t know if the guy took one with his own or if someone else did. I live in fear. I’m afraid that someday something is going to come out.

Needless to say, I’m not the same person I was before. My senior year started out bad. I went from 4.0 student to a 2.8 my first quarter. I couldn’t concentrate. My lacrosse game got worse as well. My heart just wasn’t in it.

My parents understood and tried to help me get back into things, but it was hard. I told them that I didn’t have faith in myself anymore. But they believed in me. I know they did. I know that they love me, even though they were very very disappointed. My dad especially.

I let them put a spy cell phone spy app free with a one-time subscription on my iPhone. I know that sounds crazy, but since I’ve never been a bad kid, I didn’t worry. They told me that they would only use it to check up on me every now and then because they want to protect me. I believe them. And I believe my dad when he said that he would probably never look at it himself. He’d let mom do it. I’m sure he’s more than a little ashamed of his little princess. Huh. That just made me cry.

Any way … this summer is going to be different. My grades are back up the last two quarters and it looks like I’ll still graduate at the top of my class. I’m not going to go to any graduation parties. I’m totally skipping prom. And I’m going to intern at the local radio station. Of course, I’ll go to the beach and the mall with friends, but I will not be taking any inappropriate selfies.

I’m going to keep my eyes on the road ahead and start college in the Fall. Hopefully USC. And when my parents aren’t around, at least I know they can still help protect me in a way, by making sure I’m safe with my iPhone and that Android cell phone spy app. They’ll not only be able to see what I’m doing on it, but who is trying to harm me through emails, texts or Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter with the remote spy software for cell phones. God, I hope that that never happens.

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