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Samsung Galaxy S8 will with 4k Screen

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Before there were 5.5 inches 4K screen Samsung news seen in the newspapers, according to the time which should be calculated for Samsung Note Samsung S8, rather than the upcoming 7 above. Now, similar to renewed rumors, but also a little more credibility.

Currently, Samsung S7 uses a 5.1 inches 2K screen, the human eye is called a big fruit argument it is simply nonsense. Last year, Sony Z5 exclusive edition to take the lead as the world's first mobile phone equipped with 4K screen, but in addition to win people marvel than one o'clock, did not bring much improvement to Sony's mobile phone business.

For Samsung S8, foreign media pointed out that Samsung S8 uses 4K screen (2160 × 3840) is not to enhance the sophistication of the screen, but for the moment popular science and technology circle VR. Such is the case, the idea is there is some truth. Currently, the market area for most mobile phone screen resolution is still stuck in 1080p level, VR has been unable to support the resolution, but a few models 2K screen VR effect can only be regarded unsatisfactory, 4K screen will no doubt be the future of mobile VR.
In accordance with usual schedule, the Samsung Note 7 will still be released in August, and 7 more violent than the Samsung Note Samsung S8 until early 2017, it is likely to be with us during MWC 2017 General Assembly met.

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